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3Shape - Configure Dental Systems to Connect with TRIOS
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Applies to: 3Shape, TRIOS, Dental Systems


The good news is that you’re not alone: the 3Shape Community offers you an online dental community, exclusively developed for 3Shape users. It offers peer-to-peer support, a digital dentistry discussion forum, exclusive training materials, and more – all in one place. 3Shape 3Shape Communicate.

There are two options for connecting Dental System with TRIOS, both settings are configured in the Dental System Control Panel: 3Shape Communicate (Lab/Dentist) or Direct Connect (Lab/Dentist).
  • Share 3D scans, designs and images, save time and reduce remakes. As a busy dentist or lab, getting access to your scans and designs on-the-go is important. With the Communicate App, you are not.
  • 3Shape Communicate Portal.

3Shape Communicate (Lab setup) (remote connection)
To set the option for the lab:
  1. Select Tools 3Shape Communicate.
  2. Under 3Shape Communicate, click Configure.
  3. Check Enabled. Enter in 3Shape Communicate credentials.
  4. If no communicate account has been set up, click Create a 3Shape Communicate Account.
  5. Click Test Connection.

3Shape Communicate (Dentist setup)3shape partner portal
To set up the option to add a dentist: choose:
  1. Select Site Settings Dentists 3Shape Communicate Integration.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Scroll down to the box that says 3Shape Communicate Integration.
  4. Check Enable. Enter the dentist’s email.
    This will send a request to the dentist to approve your request.

TRIOS Direct Connection (Lab setup) (local, network connection)

3shape Communicate Set Up

To enable the option for the lab to use direct connect:
  1. Select Tools 3Shape Communicate TRIOS Direct Connection.
  2. Click Configure.
  3. Check Enabled.
    If a folder wasn't previously created for direct connect, one will be created for you.

Direct Connection (Dentist setup)

3shape Communicate

To enable the option for a dentist:

3shape Communicate Inbox

  1. Select Site Settings Dentists.
  2. Select a site (dentist).
  3. Enable it under the Trios Direct Connection.

Updated: 05.02.2018